Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food, Food, and more Food!

Well I am back, that is from my wedding and honeymoon. It has been awhile since I have last blogged, but don't worry I haven't lost any interest in food! Starting with the wedding, which I actually barely remember eating, we went for a simple salad, chicken, rice (or was it potatoes... see I can't remember) and veggies. Even though I barely remember eating my wedding dinner I heard a lot of people say the food was great.

Now on to the food I do remember, the honeymoon cruise! My goal was to see how much weight I could gain on the cruise although I didn't set a number 6lbs gained was the result. Yes I hung out in the buffet while my new husband was hungover/seasick, I had a routine go to each side of the buffet that way no one would see you go through the line 4 times. The food on the cruise was great I can't even tell you a favorite thing I ate but here are a few things that stand out were the antipasto salad at the specialty Itilian resturant we ate at (see the picture) it was so good I ate the entire salad by myself. After the salad I also ate veal wrapped in sage and prosciutto, absolutely amazing, this was my 2nd time eating veal and it keeps getting better and better. Of course the lobster dinner was also great, it is hard to beat lobster, but the mushroom soup I had as an appetizer was so good I could have ate a gallon of it. The soup was perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of truffle oil, often times I find resturants add too much truffle oil but not in this soup!

All in all there was not a bad experience with the food on the cruise, I loved being able to have miso soup with breakfast, a wide variety of food for lunch, an amazing dinner usually steak, seafood, or yummy itialian, and then a late night snack with artichoke cheese dip and rasberry cheesecake! And yes the artichoke cheese dip and rasberry cheesecake was a nightly late night room service order. Dusty tried to take a chip and dip it in the dip and he almost lost a finger.

The day it we docked back in LA and were leaving the boat it hit me, well the security gaurd reminded me "no more roomservice, your gonna have to cook for yourself!" Wow I thought that sucks, well untill we got home and opened the rest of our wedding presents and then I was excited about getting back into the kitchen!!!

Stay tuned for new recipes with the new gadgets!

Until next time

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