Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funnel Cake oh Funnel Cake

When I hear that word I think of the fair or a carnavel and oh how I love funnel cake! Why do I love this funnel cake you ask, becauses I am obessed with anything fried. I onced tried fried bacon, thought it was going to be the ulimate fried food, but it turned out to be the worst. So back to the funnel cake, the fluffy fried cake with powder sugar sprinkled all over it and maybe even some honey. You can't go wrong with funnel cake it will make any child or even grown up happy.

Well after a long day of taking my sister to the emergency room I was in the line at burger king buying my fiance dinner, there was no way I was cooking last night, and as I am scanning the menu I see it "Funnel Cake Sticks". I had already eaten so I was not ordering for myself but as soon as I read those words "Funnel Cake" I could hear the noise of the fair, smell the fried food, and couldn't stand it any more so ordered some funnel cake sticks with icing of course.

I get the bags and drive away while trying to dig into the funnel cake sticks. Found them still really hot but can't resist, so I took a big bite and it basically tasted like hot oil blah! Decided to wait to get home to eat the rest maybe they needed to cool down or maybe the frosting would help. They were better when they cooled down but nothing like the funnel cake at the fair and the icing was way to sweet for me!

So I guess it looks like I only will get funnel cake once a year at the state fair! As long as its good thats fine with me.

Untill next time!

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