Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Low Carb isn't that bad!

After a week of being on my crazy low carb/high protein diet I have learned a lot. Here are a few of the things I have learned so far:

1. Vodka has no carbs!
2. Turkey Bacon is actually good (and only 35 cals a slice)
3. I can cook ground turkey/chicken and make it taste good enough my husband will eat it.
4. The Kroger Carbmasters yogurt is really yummy.
5. Applebees actually has great low calorie options that will also fit low carb as well
6. Skinny Girl Margarita's only have 1.5 carbs in a serving
7. Almonds are a great snack when on the go.
8. Dijon Mustard is a great substitute for Mayo with tuna fish
9. Arbonne's Engery Fizz Tabs work great and have no carbs
10.One regular egg and one egg white makes a great omelet (of course adding in some turkey bacon or spinach to the mix also)

There are some of the things I have learned over the 1st week of my diet. So far I am down 4lbs and 1 inch in the waste. On to week two, finally get to add in more veggies/fruit, stay tuned for more results and some great healthy recipes!

Until Next Time!

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