Monday, February 22, 2010

My new favorite cheese!

My love of cheese has been fufilled while on my diet! I have had it before, Laughing Cow Cheese, but didn't realize how many different things I could use with. I started this realization friday and have been trying new things with it every single day. It has honestly curved my cravings for cheese, which I carve all the time! My all time favorite indulgence would be a brick of brie cheese and of course wine. If it wouldn't make me 300 lbs I would just eat cheese, thank god the Laughing Cow Cheese is only 35 calories a wedge and they are big wedges (go big or go home). So friday I made an amazing side dish to go with my salmon that actually wasn't very good so the side dish became my main dish. Couscous with spinach and garlic and herb lite laughing cow cheese so so good! Basically I made the couscous according to the directions, equal parts water to couscous boiling the water first then adding the couscous. I brought a cup of water to boil added in a cup of couscous, a cup of spinach, and 2 wedges of garlic and herb lite laughing cow cheese. Quickly stir together, remove from heat and cover for five minutes. This was amazing!

Other ways I have used this wonderful cheese, in scrambled eggs, on a mini bagel with deli turkey, on celery, or my new favorite tossing it with steamed veggies! I certainly hope Dusty loves this cheese as much as I do because I will be using it a lot from now on.

After writing this I googled laughing cow cheese, and found their website with even more amazing recipes check it out

What do you do with laughing cow cheese???

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