Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colorful Fajitas!

I usually do all of my grocery shopping at Fry's Food Store, but the other day after therapy I decided to just go to the store that was near the physical therapist office and that happened to be Safeway. I was planning just to find something to eat for dinner, but what I found when I went into the store was the most amazing produce. All of the produced looked so fresh and amazing. They had bell peppers, green, yellow, orange, red, and yellow, for only 88 cents a piece. I automatically thought about fajitas and grabbed a few of each color bell peppers. The red ones were huge as you can see so I grabbed two of those and figured I could find different ways to use them other than the fajitas. Once I choose the bell peppers I went to the meat counter to see what type of meat I would use. There was sirlon beef already sliced ready for stir fry, so I choose that, I sauteed everything up, an onion. bell peppers, meat, and then added some taco seasoning and it was instant fajitas! They were so good, sweet from the bell peppers and spicy from the seasoning.

The next morning I made a fajita omlete with the left overs! Hope you all enjoy!

Untill next time!

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