Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bridal Shower oh Bridal Shower!

When you think of a bridal shower what kind of food do you think of??? Well here is what I think of a beautiful brunch with lox, bagels, cream cheese, fruit salad, quiches, mimosas and a lovely pool to lay by. No kidding this is how I always dreamt of it and this past weekend my amazing cousin Danielle, who is my made of honor, and wonderful Aunt Marie brought that dream to reality!

I couldn't have asked for more when it came to my shower they had everything there, the lox, cream cheese, bagels, fruit salad (thanks to Aunt Susie), little quiches, mimosas, and of course the pasta salad my Grandma Wiechec made! Oh did I forget the pool that was there to the day was perfect not to hot not to cold, although I did get a little sun burned while opening my presents but that was because there was so many! I was so thankful not only for the food that was there but for everything and everyone that came to the shower!

Not only were there mimosas but also bloody marys that were amazing and had the perfect spice to them. A few days before the party my Aunt took the vodka and add in jalapenos, garlic, and what looked like maybe an onion and infused it for a few days. The night before the party added the tomatoe juice to the infused vodka and let sit in the fridge over night. They were so good and everyone really enjoyed them.

The fruit salad was a perfect mix of all of the fresh berries and fruit that was in season. And then we come to the pasta salad... The pasta salad that took 4 days to make and many phone calls to my mother and aunt, actually turned out pretty amazing and perfectly seasoned, even though Trade Joes no longer carried the exact noodles my grandmother wanted to use it was still good!

How can I forget the lemon bars! My friend Louise, kind of a mother figure to me, makes the most amazing lemon bars ever! She made about three trays of the lemon bars and I could have ate all three but I didn't think throwing up at my  bridal shower would be appropriate!

All in all the food was amazing the guests were satisfied, and I was blessed with lots of love and  gifts!!!

Thanks to all that were there!!

And a special thanks to Aunt Marie. Cousin Danielle, my sister Nicole, best friend Tiffany, and last but not least my Mother!!!

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