Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hospital Food

Yes this is the subject of the day! After three days in the hospital there is much to be said about the food. Thank god I was not put on a diet restriction while I was there. The first hospital meal salsbury steak mashed potatoes gravy, salad and a role. After 24 hrs of not eating I basically inhaled the food, actually because I wasnt used to using my left hand to eat my sister was feeding me. But trust me she couldnt get the food in my mouth fast enough, I dont think I left anything on that plate. I remember the potatoes tasting really good and the brown gravy was excellent, don't know if I was just so hungry or it actually taste good. Breakfast the next day wasnt bad either, cheese omlet, biscuit, coffee,orange juice, milk, cereal...I ate everything but the cereal and just love the fact you get three choices of drinks lol. I actually think the coffee at the hospital was really good. As the days went on the food got worse, the biscuits didnt taste good the eggs got runny, and the chicken was rubbery, but the coffee was still good. The last day I was there, I didnt know it was the last day, my amazing mother brought me a cheese platter from Duck n Decanter! Brie, goat cheese, soft cheese with cream cheese wrapped around it, crackers, bread, apples, and grapes! It was amazing, put it this way I love cheese way more then funnel cake and brie is my favorirte. The way it melts in your mouth with the tangy taste oh just amazing. So needless to say my last meal in the hospital the cheese platter was amaxing, maybe hospitals should start going gourmet!

Well next thursday is another surgery so we will see how the food is then!

Untill next time...

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