Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kitchen on Fire

Well its been a few days, had my second surgery on thursday and just feeling better. After this surgery they wrapped my right hand up so much there is nothing I can do with it. At least before I could do a little bit I was even typing with my thumb and first two fingers before, but not know. So needless to say I have been needing a lot more help then before and havent tried to cook yet. My favorite thing to do on saturday morning is to cook breakfast, well my lovely fiance decided he was going to make breakfast. I really wanted to go to the bagel shop to get breakfast, not only just to have breakfast but to get out of the house. Well the bagel shop was shot down and I was told to sit down and let him cook. Being noisey I walk into the kitchen to see what was going on, first thing I see frozen hasbrowns in a pan with no oil or butter. So instead of watching them burn or who knows what will happen I told him to add the butter. Then I get the question "How do I cook the bacon" did he really just ask that. So I told him the easiest way I like to do it is on the broiler pan in the oven, he responded " I cant do it in the microwave?". So  I thought he was clear on the broiler pan untill he said "only 4 pieces of bacon fit on the pan", I was thinking to myself I can fit 4 big steaks on that pan there is no way only 4 pieces of bacon fit there. Walking into the kitchen to see what he was talking about I find he was using the small toaster oven pan, so I redirected him to the bigger pan and figured everything was under control. Well that was untill he was screaming "its on fire its on fire" I run into the kitchen to find the smaller pan with the 4 pieces of bacon on fire! After blowing and using a dish towel to get out the fire I asked how this happened. Well come to find out he took the small broiler pan and set it on one of the top burners of the stove and I think with the grease dripping down into the hot oil with heat directly underneath it it caught on fire! But needless to say the breakfast was great, I am just ready to take back over kitchen duties hopefully soon!

So whats you kitchen tragedy story? Would love to hear from everyone!

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  1. That is too funny. We all have our kitchen fire stories don't we? Poor Dusty, he had great intentions!!!!